Zhejiang Bwokai Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.,(hereinafter Bwokai) is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of cryogenic products. The headquartered is based in Zhejiang Province,China,Zhejiang Bwokai Technologies Co., Ltd.is a new high-tech enterprise which specializes in R&D,manufacturing and sales of cryogenic & vacumn products.

  We principally engaged in cryogenic & vacuum industry mainly related to many businesses,such as vacumn coating , vacumn exhaust units , scientific equipment & instruments (superconductivity, research of new materials , physics research of condensedstate & surface) , product environment testing , processing & supply of industrial gases , manufacturing of integrated circuits , semiconductor devices , as well as flat-panel display devices.

  We have gradually developed and gestated our core corporate culture of normalization, efficiency ,specialty and progress. We commit ourselves to becoming a first-class company while providing our customers with quality and reliable cryogenics & vacuum products and services.

  Bwokai is willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad to create a better future