Cryopump is a equipment using 10K (-263 ) cryocooler as a cold source through the principle of cryocondensation, cryoadsorption to achieve high vacuum and oil-free effect.


Cryopumps are widely used in the following areas:

    1) Semiconductors, integrated circuits, optoelectronic devices coating process;                                           

    2) Optical lens coating;                                                                                                                  

    3) Magnetron sputtering coating line;

    4) Space environment simulation;

5) Vacuum elimination.


The main features of Cryopump:

    1) Adsorption vacuum pump;

    2) Without rough-pump;

    3) Regeneration is required;

    4) Different pumping speed and pumping capacity for different gases.

The main advantage of Cryopump:

     1) High ultimate vacuum. The standard model up to 10-6Pa, the special requirements up to 10-7Pa or above;

     2) High pumping speed: Ultra-high pumping speed for the air, especially for water vapor unmatched by other vacuum pumps;

     3) Relatively clean;

     4) Low operating cost;

     5) Safe and reliable;

     6) Easy to use;

     7) Long operation life.


IG series is fully automatic intelligent cryogenic pump for high-end vacuum equipment, with the following characteristics: IG320F cryogenic pump

     1) Fast regeneration function

     2) Complete regeneration function

     3) Automatically detect the vacuum degree of cryogenic pump

     4) Automatic regeneration system for internal heating and nitrogen filling

     5) External nitrogen charging device                                                                                                                           

     6) Equipped with a safety valve that can be connected to the tail gas treatment device

     7) Intelligent "adaptive" technology

       - Automatic low temperature thermal load compensation

       - Variable frequency motor system

    8) Lower acquisition costs

     - Each compressor can support more pumps

     - More energy efficient without any change in capacity

     - Variable speed motor can maximize pump life

    9) Local or remote operation can be realized

  10) Equipped with operation handle, can realize fault query and modify parameters

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