Detail and parameters of large customized diameter dry cryopumps       

This series of cryopump uses double sets cryocooler as cold source without auxiliary cooling liquid nitrogen, it not only saves the cost of liquid nitrogen but also save the cost of laying liquid nitrogen pipelines and cryogenic valve, at the same time, using this cryopump can avoid the risk of breaking the vacuum since leaking of liquid nitrogen and injury to humans cause by nitrogen emissions diluting indoor oxygen.

This series of large-diameter cryopumps has common features with a small- diameter one. It can be on and off fast and protect gas desorption completely which is adsorbed by cryogpump with built-in regenerative device. So that can keep the cryogpumps having a lasting good working condition.


It needs order in advance before costumer Purchase more than 550mm cryopumps.

Parameters provided by Bwokai as a reference.


Parameters of typical large diameter cryopump.